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Make Predictions for the price of Crypto Currencies and Blockchain Technologies

With The Predictors APP you can win prizes and earn token rewards from making correct predictions. Token rewards can be traded for cash an other tokens. As you level up your accuracy and make more correct predictions the rewards you can win increase. Are you ready to join and see if you can become a Master Predictor? Or join to ask for predictions!

With The Predictors APP you can get predictions from the crowd. Find out what others are predicting is going to happen in the marketplace. Crowdsource the data you need to make better decisions. 






Predict the Price of


What will Be the Price
FEB 1, 2021 6:00 pm UTC

Guess Correct and Win a $500 Jackpot
Predicting ENDS on JAN 20, 2021 enter now

Make a prediction about THE PRICE OF ADA

Make a Prediction about the price of DOT

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